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Reportable's New Life Science Competitive Intelligence Software Simplifies Tracking of Business and Science

16 Sep 2022

Boston, MA - September 16, 2022 - Reportable launched a new Life Science Intelligence software for biopharma, diagnostics and medical device companies to seamlessly track business developments and scientific advancements. Custom briefs consolidate multiple disparate information sources, including peer-reviewed publications, to deliver only the relevant information of what's impacting your specific industry, technology, or competitive field. The intelligence is delivered directly to you and your team's inbox every morning or in real-time, making it time-efficient to stay informed of the latest scientific publications, partnerships, financings, executive moves, and regulatory and clinical developments,.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Reportable's Life Science Intelligence provides a central funnel of information to keep tabs on business and scientific developments affecting a company's industry and competition.
  • DIY and full-service options deliver custom briefs of only the information you want and need, saving time and hassle staying informed.
  • Software is tailored to business development, communications, commercial teams and C-suite execs in biopharma, diagnostics and medical devices.

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About Reportable

Reportable builds and offers business intelligences and communications tools for the digital age. Multiple products are integrated into a single software: Life Science Intelligence gives licensing, sales and marketing and communications teams a tool to track the latest business and scientific developments affecting their industry; A service-based media monitoring and PR metrics solution uses AI-based web crawling technology to track and measure communications campaigns; and the Company's Newsrooms & releases offer companies a media-rich solution to manage communicate with external audiences.


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