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Airbus sees helicopter sales rise due to increased military spending

Robert Besser
20 Sep 2022

PARIS, France: Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even has said that he expects new orders and deliveries to continue rising in 2022, as new energy supply demands and higher military spending are driving a recovery in the rotary-wing sector, according to Reuters.

Demand for helicopters suffered less from the COVID-19 shutdowns than the airline industry, due to their role in critical public services, but the energy crisis and changing priorities resulting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine have further driven the recovery.

"We expect a very strong year, in terms of order intake, especially by value. We also expect growth in revenues, which will be supported by growth in services and deliveries of helicopters," Even told Reuters.

Helicopter orders have already risen after a decade of overall decline led by offshore oil firms, partly due to a major French military order worth a record $8.53 billion in 2021. More military
contracts were also finalized this year.

"2021 really marked a turning point, compared to previous years, which were hard for the industry," Even told Reuters, adding that flight hours are now back to pre-COVID levels in 2019.

"We are seeing the first positive signs in the oil and gas market (and) positive signs of recovery in activity and flight hours," he added.

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